About the project

A bit of history

Hi, I’m Elena, the author and the only developer of this website. I teach Englsih and often look for good tests to monitor the results. Unfortunately, there are so few good sources online, mosts tests are in printed or PDF books. That’s why I decided to launch this project.

English Tests Me is a free repository of tests to ESL students. The tests and quizzes are taken from authoritative grammar and training courses and adapted for the online format.

By the way, all your test results are recorded in the system and soon I’m planning to add the option “Get test report” where you will see all your correct and incorrect answers.

How to help me?

If you want to support the project, feel free to donate me using this link or just share the tests on social media.

How to report a problem?

The website is very young and I’m not a skilled webmaster, so please excuse my typos and technical errors. I’ll be very grateful if you flag all the problems to me using this email address: vakhromova@gmail.com

If you are a direct advertiser and want to place a banner on my website, also plese contact me at this email. I’m NOT looking for guest posting and SEO-related offers, so please don’t spam me!