Pronouns Test [Personal & Possesive]

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There are many types of pronouns in English grammar. This test focuses only on personal and possesive pronouns.

Here is a quick reminder what they are used for:

  • personal pronouns (I, me, he, him, etc.) replace names or nouns when it is clear what they refer to;
  • possessive adjectives or determiners (my, your, her) are used when we want to show ownership;
  • possessive pronouns (mine, yours, ours, theirs) both replace replace nouns and show ownership.

Don't forget that the personal pronouns may be used as subject (I, you, he, we, it) or as an object (me, her, him, us, them).

Test your knowledge of the personal and possesive pronouns using the questions below.

Level: Elementary - Pre-Intermediate (A1-A2)

1. “What is ______ ?”
“She is a bank manager.”
2. I have a brother. ______ name is David
3. “What is ______ name?”
“My name’s Carlos.”
4. Is Catherine ______ sister?
5. “How old is your aunt?”
“______ is 29.”
6. That’s my dictionary. Can I have ___ back please?
7. “Where _____ now?”
“In her office.”
8. Jason and Jared took their bikes with ____.
9. _____ were busy getting ready for Emily's party.
10. The teacher wants _____ to follow her.
11. ______ wanted to go skiing over the winter break.
12. Mandy and _____ are going shopping.
13. ''Is this Emily's room?''
''Yes, it's ____.''
14. I think Allie is going to invite ___ to her party.
15. Mom wants ____ to clean your room.
16. We couldn't find _____ anywhere.
17. Please hurry up! I'm waiting for _______.
18. Hey Ron! This is not ____car. ____ is red.
19. Whose bike is this? Is it really ____?
20. Stop! – These sweets are all ____.

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