Basic English Vocabulary Test [Elementary]

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Take our 20-question quiz to find out whether you know the basic English vocabulary or not.

You will need 5-10 minutes only!

Level: Elementary (A1)

1. Choose the best synonym for "wealthy":
Choose the correct answer:
My father's brother is my __________ .
3. The synonym of "much" is:
4. Select the best synonym for "slight":
Choose the correct answer:
Your hair is dirty. You must __________ it tonight.
6. Click the best synonym for "narrow":
7. Choose the best synonym for "award":
Choose the correct answer:
Could you tell me the __________ to Piccadilly Circus, please?
9. Click the best synonym for "suspend":
10. Click the best synonym for "disagree":
11. Choose the correct answer:
Can I help you __________ your homework?
12. Choose the best synonym for "to ring":
13. Click the best synonym for "permit":
14. Choose the correct answer:
I'm going to go to bed now. __________ ! See you in the morning.
15. Click the best synonym for "amusing":
Click the best synonym for "naked":
Choose the correct answer:
Bill loves repairing cars and he wants to train to be a __________.
Select the best synonym for "retire":
19. Choose the correct answer:
We're going back home the day after __________ .

Click the best synonym for "exist":

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