Commonly Misspelled Words Quiz

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No matter how well we all think we can spell, there are certain words that catch us out – and you can guarantee that at least one of them which plagues you when you write is in this quiz.

Let's see how well you do when they're the words we misspell the most. Take this quiz to test your skills.

Level: Intermediate (B1)

1. The drawbridge went up while I was driving _______ the party. I hoped it wouldn't make me _______ late for the party.
2. Unfortunately, Jim's buckle must have been _______ _______ , as his pants dropped to the floor during the performance.
3. When I spotted my parents at the airport, I exclaimed to my sister "Look, _______ over _______!"
4. I can tell you why _______ here. You left _______ keys on the kitchen counter.
5. I think I saw a ghost! He was standing right in front of me, then he just _______.
6. I gave my cat, Mr. Ribbons, some tuna for dinner. He was in total _______.
7. I don't mean to _______ you, but you have some spinach in _______ teeth.
8. Please excuse any _______. I am not a native speaker.
9. I am so glad I met you! I will _______ come next week.
10. I was very hesitant to tell her that I scraped her car, she has such a _______ temper.
11. It rubs the lotion on _______ skin or else it gets the hose again.
12. I don't know _______ you will be in town or not, but you are invited to dinner on Saturday.
13. Thank you for flying in for the wedding! Are you happy with _______ _______?
14. I just got back from the _______, and I'm bummed I have to go back to work.
15. You know what's _______? That feeling you have between dreaming and waking up.
16. _______ claiming I'm a fraud? _______ isn't a _______ of truth in that statement!
17. I've got _______, I've got music, I've got my gal, who could ask for anything more...except pizza?
18. He's about to turn _______, but he doesn't look a day over fifty (snark)!
19. She sliced the apple, then took one of the _______ to give to her dog.
20. She was a Drill _______ in the army.

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